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Welcome to the Machine...

An intermittant interface into my head

25 December 1969
Just realized that I haven't updated this bio in years. Here's a quick cleanup. Maybe more later.

I'm a bisexual polyamorous Extropian atheist geek (mmmm... labels...). I am version 4.0. I'm still working out what, exactly, that means.

I am one node of the polyamorous family known as The Incorrigible Horde, or "The Horde" for short. The Horde is, in turn, part of an extended intentional family of truly wonderful people. I am very, very fortunate.

I am not the bouncy, happy person was once upon a time (that was v3). I do still have my moments, though.

My current areas of focus are nanotech, cryonics, sci-fi, DragonCon, computer history, all flavors of Unix (with a focus on Linux and Mac OS X), progressive social issues, retrogaming, single-board computers, Pr0n, civil rights issues, elective body modification, and all things dark and cyberpunk.

I am a flexitarian, which in broad terms means "vegetarian with certain exceptions." In practice, this means I'm 95% vegetarian, but if someone serves me meat I'll happily partake.

Despite the train wreck that was Terminator Genisys, I am still a huge fan of the Terminator saga overall, and have been since 1984. My house is like a shrine to the franchise (including a T2 arcade machine).

Just so 'ya know, I have a personal policy of usually only friending people whom I've met in real life at least once. This is my first and only line of defense against having LJ consume my entire life. I have no resistance to shiny things whatsoever. That doesn't mean that I don't peruse other journals from time to time, of course!

Oh, and for anyone who knows of such things, I was "Ares" on VAX. I mostly lurked, but have run across more than a couple of old vaxers here. :-)

Gir is Love