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Oh poo!

I just got off of a conference call relating to me providing secondary Mac support for the folks in Plano.

Good news: Mac support! And not crufty OS 9, either! I loves me some Macs! (If you didn't already know that, hi! Welcome to my LJ!) There are only 12 machines in question in Plano, and I'll get to do their Tiger (10.4) migration as well.

Bad news 1: They want me to train the techs out there. *PaNiC* Actually, this should work out fine. It's just that training isn't normally something I do, and hence the apprehension.

Bad news 2: I'm going to have to go to both Richmond (to learn stuff, get the current image, etc.) and Plano (to train, upgrade, and meet people). This is bad only in that I don't especially enjoy traveling or being away from home and loved ones, but those are pretty compelling reasons for a lack of enthusiasm. :-( No word yet on the duration of the trips, or exactly when, but it's looking like early July for Richmond, and Plano sometime not long thereafter.

In the end this will be a good thing. The Richmond guys are hoopy froods, the tech is right up my alley, it'll be a little more recognition, and it's more in line with what I like to do.
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