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Things are going well

No major news here- just a quick update:

* There was some relationship trauma on Friday, but it turned out not to be as bad as expected, and things seem to be pretty well worked out.
* femetalscupcake is back in one piece and running perfectly.
* I got 8 wonderful hours of sleep last night. Well worth giving up a couple of hours on the computer for!
* Related to the above bullet point, if I pretend to be asleep then APAR falls for it and leaves me alone.
* I *didn't* get a ticket on my way home from work last night. The light was yellow, but the cop was close behind me for a while afterwards, so it didn't look promising.
* Chocolate covered soy nuts are your friend!
* redheadlass has been giving her mom much-deserved verbal ass-whuppings. This bodes well for her for the future.
* No work related unpleasantness. Despite my best slacking efforts, I've gotten all of my major tasks knocked out, and some very positive feedback has been sent up the chain of command about me. :-)
* I got my hair cut yesterday. I look less freakish and, more importantly, dissipate heat much better!
* I took out the trash and emptied the cat box last night. Doing these things brings me no pleasure whatsoever. Having them be done on the other hand...
* My dad is coming to town on Sunday for Father's Day. I get to see my dad, plus there will be sushi!
* It looks like I'm going to be getting back into Mac support at work, at least in a tertiary capacity. This is a Good Thing.

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