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Picking on an easy target

Okay, I'm gonna make fun of Microsoft now. If you're not interested, the scroll buttons are on the right. ;-)

"Vista" (Longhorn), the next version of Windows, has been delayed yet again. Now the plan is for it to come out in January of 2007, 'cuz they need "just a few more weeks" to make "crank up the security level higher than ever." Uh huh.

BTW, it'll ship in six different versions. Six. [sarcasm]I'm sure that won't cause any consumer confusion, or create any support nightmares!

But will it be worth it? Well, indications are that it'll have some significant new features for the average user that will ensure that Vista will provide a unique operating environment that'll be unparalleled in both first-of-its-kind features and user friendliness![/sarcasm]

Let's check out a few demonstrations, shall we?

From the most recent CES, the first video demonstrates the new "gadget" functionality, as well as fast application switching.

The second video demonstrates desktop searching, ease of finding applications quickly, and parental controls.

The third video shows off the new Windows Photo Gallery, and it's "unique" features for browsing, organizing, and editing photos.

So what's the punch line? Well, in case you're not familiar with OS X, in each movie the audio is from a presentation at the CES describing all of these features that will be available when Vista comes out, but the video is of OS X doing all of these things today. Some of these features have been available in OS X for several years now.

Okay, done ranting now. :-)


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Mar. 22nd, 2006 08:36 pm (UTC)
I once heard someone say that Bill Gates would never let Apple go under, because then he would lose his R&D Department.
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