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Oh fuck all.

As a desktop support tech for a large call center, I end up meeting a whole lot of people and interacting with them on a fairly regular basis. Some folks are only here a short while. Some have been here almost as long as I have.

Many (actually most) pass through with only a few interactions, and don't leave lasting impressions. Maybe hearing their name in 5 years will still ring a bell, and maybe it won't. Others leave a stronger impression and are memorable. Usually the ones who stand out are the particularly outgoing ones, the ones with a lot of interesting stuff at their cubes, the assholes (mercifully few of those), the really hot chicks (thankfully many of those), the problem children, the freaks, and the ones who are just really nice people.

Lisa Karl was one of the really nice ones. (Okay, admittedly, she was also one of the really hot ones.) She was very outgoing without being overbearing, always happy and friendly. Running a ticket for her was usually a bright spot in the work day. She worked as a phone rep at Cap One for several years, but was clearly intelligent and vibrant enough that she had better things in store for her in the future.

Well, it's not to be. I heard through the grapevine today that she was killed in a swimming pool accident in January.

This makes me sad. redheadlass put it best just this afternoon: "Death is a useless loss and I want to stop it!" I really don't know what else to say.


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