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Right now I'm watching The Terminator on my iPod! I used Handbrake to transcode from the DVD to an .mp4 that'll play on the iPod's screen, and loaded it through iTunes. Fraggin' awesome.

The file size is 730.2 MB- not bad for an entire movie. I'm recoding using different settings to see if I can squeeze a higher frame rate out of it. As is it's fine, but I'm curious to know how far I can push it.

Terminator trivia side note: I'd never noticed this before, but the address for the first Sarah Connor in the phone book doesn't match the numbers on her house. (There are other continuity errors related to this as well, but this one was new to me).

MPAA side note: Screw you, MPAA. I've purchased and paid full retail price for this movie four times over the years, in addition to seeing it in theaters twice. I think moving it to my iPod for my own personal viewing counts as fair use.
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