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Random Thoughts

My work laptop is rebooting (I HATE YOU!), so I have a few minutes to put a few random thoughts down using my beloved Gir.

There was an article on Slashdot a few days ago about how people sometimes develop emotional attachments to their computers. Gee, 'ya think? ;-)

I woke up this morning still sick from vacation (Mike, you sicken me!), but feeling a bit better. Now Kim is deteriorating, and has already called in sick for tomorrow. :-( Su><0R! Maybe if she's feeling up to it we'll have lunch together.

My work laptop has two power buttons. Neither one works particularly well. The work laptop doesn't get a name, unless you want to call it "Brick". I've put a nice Atari sticker on it (to cover the Compaq logo), and that's about as personal as I want to get with a machine that a) runs Windows and b) belongs to The Company. It does its job well, but it's just a tool.

Speaking of The Company, I'm still not happy about the almost certain outsourcing of my job, but today I'm feeling less emotional about it. I didn't have any dreams about fertilizer bombs last night, so I guess that's a good sign. ;-)

It's now just over 48 hrs since the Smoosh has all been together. This wouldn't normally be unusual except that for the previous week I doubt that an hour went by when we weren't within earshot of each other.

Game night tomorrow! Yay!!!

anklesnake, tacit, and kellyasmith are moving out of the state. Suck!!!

anklesnake says that the Smoosh should move to Boston with them. It's fun to think about, but ultimately very unlikely.

OK, done boring you all. Gotta get back to work, then maybe some downtime to shake off this cold.

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