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An Unlikely Life

The social extremes my life goes through produce combinations of experiences and interests which really have no business going together in the same person, to my almost constant delight.

Take this week so far as an example. Saturday night was, by any definition, kinky. I participated in BDSM, D/s, voyeurism, and exhibitionism, and felt completely in my element. It was a fantastic night.

Sunday I had group sex with three other people, an event so common in my life that I hardly ever mention it in LJ.

By contrast, today I couldn't wait to get home from work! Not because I was looking forward to some deviant sexual adventure, but because I was looking forward to a quiet dinner at home with femetal, followed by an exciting date with a breadboard, a soldering iron, and some electronics components. I don't recall if I've mentioned this in other posts, but I've finally gotten off my duff and started to teach myself electronics, and while I'm just starting out I'm having a blast! My current self-assigned project is to build the simplest computational device I could think of- one that can add 2 bits and give a binary representation of the result in a pair of LEDs, using no integrated circuits. (The army of killer robots will come soon enough. I want to get a firm grounding in the basics first.) It's harder than you'd think (or at least harder than I originally thought, having zero background in component electronics), but I made some real progress tonight. I worked out a design, taught myself how to solder (first time!), and built it. It doesn't work right, but I think my basic approach is sound. It was enormous fun, and I'm learning a lot.

Can you get any nerdier than that? I think not.

I'd say that I'm well-balanced, but we all know better than that. I spend almost no time in the middle. It's always one extreme or the other, and I adore both ends of the spectrum.

Is it a matter of societal perception being skewed, or is my experience really that unusual? I know of at least one other person who is likely in the same situation (I'm looking at you, tacit), so at the very least it's not unique.

I really love my life.
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