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Brief Weekend Update

Friday- Um, I dunno. I'm drawing a total blank. (stupid brain!)

Saturday- I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep, which sucked. It could've put a real damper on the day were it not for my god good friend caffeine. Spent most of the afternoon being a lazy slug while the rest of the Smoosh got everything ready for redheadlass's pre-birthday birthday celebration.

I'm going to be deliberately vague here, but it was, in a word, wondrous. redheadlass looked simply stunning in the "outfit" that femetal fashioned for her. Much, much, much fun was had. My arms are still just a bit sore today thanks to redheadlass and femetal. :-) I also can't remember ever being so sexually frustrated and not ending up having sex of some form or another. This is *so* not a complaint! :-)

Sunday- Pretty much a mix of just hanging around the house, "resolving" Saturday night's frustration, playing on computers, and "resolving" some more. I also geeked out a bit by reading the history of transistors. Damn fine weekend.

Let me just add a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JANET! I LOVE YOU! :-)

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