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Just a quick update

Yesterday was OMGBUSY! I had to go into work early, but also wanted to do some work on the house to make it livable for my dad's visit last night, so I ended up getting up 2 hrs early (tiiiiired!) and spending most of the extra time straightening up. I was rather pleased with the results.

The pace didn't really change at work. It was the busiest day I've had in quite a while, but also the most productive. I got a couple of things off my plate that had been on the back burner for far too long. Nice little bit of de-stress there.

By the time I got home my dad had already arrived. femetal, my dad, and I spent a very pleasant evening together. We'd originally planned to go out for dinner, but decided to stay at home, order pizza, hang out, and watch Firefly instead. I'm so glad that my dad is a Browncoat! We also did the Christmas thing (our plans to see him right after Christmas fell through). Just a good night overall.

Dad ended up crashing at our place, which was surprisingly drama-free. In fact, the only trauma was this morning when, while checking some stuff online, he inadvertently closed a boatload of browser windows on Tak (our living room computer). Frustrating, yes, but not the end of the world.

He took off this morning, but is supposed to be back in town in a week.
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