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The lighter side of having a brain made out of swiss cheese...

My hearing is poo- no secret there. It's the unfortunate side effect of a youth spent listening to stereos that are loud enough to qualify as munitions (or at least demolition equipment). It could be worse. As long as there isn't too much background noise I can hear you just fine. Better still, I often mis-parse things in ways that are hi-larious. (Did you just say 'hairy fish nuts'?)

'Course, for unknown reasons the area between my ears often `ent working so well either. "I've gotta tell you about the most important thing in the world! Your life depends on it! Crap. What was it?" (Yeah, I'm pretty much broken above the neck. Special irony there. :-) ) That generally results in more frustration than amusement, but I've finally found a situation where it actually doesn't make me want to rip my hair out.

Let's say you get a hankerin' to listen to a song you own. Typically the process works like this:

1) Song hankerin' (Lookie! I used a silly word like "hankerin'" twice in the same post! Ooh! Now three times! LOL!)
2) Fire up music player of choice
3) Listen to song

Sometimes I catch myself following this order:

1) Song hankerin' (OMG the GIGGLY!)
2) Distracted by $SHINY_THING
3) Listen to song
4) An hour later, notice that everyone is looking at me funny
5) Realize that I've been silently listening to the song on repeat in my head the whole time

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