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I swear I'm not *that* bitter!

I worked late last night, doing a 1 week project in a single day because of someone else's screw-up. I'd spent a good chunk of the day configuring thin clients, and after breaking for dinner with the Smoosh I went back in to set them up at the designated desks.

As I was working, a phone rep wandered over (I didn't recognize him, but he just seemed new, 'ya know?). He seemed bored, and started talking to me.

"What do you do?"

Odd question, and not one I was expecting. Not much context work with (troublesome!), so I pondered for just a moment, decided that he was probably not asking a broad philosophical question about my function in the universe or looking for an in-depth analysis of my mission in life, so I simply answered "I'm setting up computers."

"Oh. Interesting?"

Uh oh. I've had this conversation before. This is the "I think my job kinda sucks, and your job about which I know almost nothing looks easy so maybe I can have yours." line of questioning. Okay, maybe I am a little bitter, but I didn't plan my response. I just opened my mouth and said it.

"Yeah, it's interesting, in much the same way that being on fire would be 'interesting'."

Did I just say that? Did I just equate my job, which despite the hassles I really rather enjoy, with being on fire? I quickly followed the sentence with a smile, lest he think me psychotic.

I think it worked. Kind of. He chuckled and moved on. I went back to work.
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