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CryoFeast and A-2071

CryoFeast was a blast! There were about 35-40 people there total, of which our little caravan represented 9. 7 of us were in "Nanohazard" shirts, thereby ensuring that cryonicists will go at least another year before losing "cult" status. ;-) We don't get to see serolynne and fritzcat66 enough, so getting to see them would've made the trip worthwhile in and of itself.

It was great meeting such a nice group of like-minded individuals. I finally got to meet Rudi Hoffman (who turned out to be as lively and interesting in person as he is over the phone) and his wife, as well as a couple of other Alcor members from the Tampa area. Tanya Jones and Steve Van Sickle were there from Alcor. They're both very approachable people- knowledgeable and down-to-earth. In researching cryonics I'd run into Tanya's name countless times (she's Alcor's technical director), so I was especially interested to meet her.

serolynne got a group photo of our table, which you can find here. (Cherie, let me know if you'd rather I not link to your LJ, 'k?)

I got a "Cryonicist on board" window sign for having brought the most people to the event. It's in the car right now, but I think I'm gonna move it to the 4-runner. We also got t-shirts and coffee mugs. They let me take an extra coffee mug, which I gave to my cow-orker Joe. :-P (He's an outspoken critic of cryonics, and we debate about it pretty regularly.)

The big announcement was that last month Alcor did their first whole body vitrification. This is a big deal. Previously, whole bodies were suspended using a less sophisticated method, which is why I opted for neurosuspension (head only) when I signed up. In light of this I'm planning on converting my contract to full body in order to avoid the potentially nasty spinal nerve mapping challenges that go along with a neurosuspension. Guess I'll be stuck with my rather unimpressive meat body a bit longer than I'd anticipated. ;-)

Something I found out this morning is that the full body vitrification patient is A-2071. I'm A-2072. For some reason this kinda creeps me out that the person who signed up right before me is already "in the tank".

Okay, gotta run before I'm late for work!
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