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First gripe about the Sony transition

The world consolidation has really been a boon overall. Hardlines are now more dangerous places than ever, but there are a lot more people running around and it's easy to find a party. The extra crush of people doesn't seem to have resulted in any lag issues at all. However...

They're going to be "integrating" the MxO chat system with the existing SOE in-game chat system sometime within the next 30 days, which is to say that they're dropping AIM as the in-game chat client- one of the niftiest features of MxO. This means that once this happens I'll no longer be reachable in game through AIM, except when I'm running it on a separate computer. It also means that I can't chat w/my peeps in the Acolytes while I'm at work (granted I only did that once, but it was nice to have the capability).

Suck. Between that and my need to reinstall it on Destroyah I'm more than a bit peeved. If reinstalling doesn't fix the problems that I'm having lately then there's little point in continuing with the game.

We'll see.
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