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Traffic School

So I'm enduring my 4 hour house arrest sentence, which is to say that I'm doing the 7 module online traffic school for the speeding ticket I got last month. It sucks, and it's boring, but thank God I at least have the option of doing it online. Obviously there are ways to reduce the amount of time I have to pay attention to it, but each module is timed so there's no easy way to actually speed up the entire process.

It's my own fool fault for getting the ticket in the first place, of course, so I pays my money and I does my no-brains-required quizzes. In the mean time, I've also been watching Robot Chicken, playing some video games, getting ready for my date with redheadlass tonight, reading LJ and e-mail, posting things like this, bidding on an old electronic game on eBay, and finding the dorkiest Tron costume on the planet. (Okay, geek that I am I think the costume is actually pretty cool- it's just this guy in it that makes me cringe.)

Okay, back to doin' hard time for The Man...
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