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Space elevator panels!

I'm on Liftport Group's mailing list, and just got confirmation that they'll be at Dragon*Con, doing panels and announcing a new book about space elevators. You know what that means!

Okay, lemme 'splain. Last year there were several space elevator panels, discussing the feasibility, technical issues, timelines, and economic problems and opportunities of developing a space elevator and managing the business around it. All of the Smoosh is interested in this subject to varying degrees, and wanted to attend all of the panels.

The reality was that we only made it to one of them, 'cuz we were all feeling very, uh, "affectionate" that weekend and ended up missing most of the panels in favor of spending some happy time together in our room. Thus, "space elevator panel" became a euphemism for "group sex".

Now 'ya know.</i></b> :-)

I really do want to make it to more of those panels this year. BTW, only 19 days 'till Con!!!

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