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World Merge

On August 2nd, the 9 concurrent iterations of the Matrix will be consolidating into 3- 1 hostile and 2 normal. They'll be allowing people to have 3 characters per server instead of just one, so nobody will lose characters. I can see that opening up all manner of evil possibilities!

Interesting stuff. The population density will, of course, go way up. I hope that they've taken this into account, 'cuz the some hot spots can get mighty crowded as it is (I'm thinking the area around the Mara Central hardline on a Saturday night, as well as any club that Awakened Radio is having an event at!). It'll definitely be interesting to see how factions which were previously completely separated from each other will now interact. :-)

There'll be a temporary boost in XP and $info from NPCs after the integration, and the names of the new worlds will be determined by player suggestions and votes.

Oh! There's also going to be an "RSI Attribute Reconfiguration Hack", that'll allow you (on a one-time basis) to redistribute your attribute points. I think I'll be saving Kr0bar's for level 50, then deciding how to proceed.

For any who are interested, here's how the consolidation will work:
Enumerator, Heuristic, Input --> Hostile World
Method, Regression, Iterator --> Normal World
Proxy, Linenoise, Output --> Normal World
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