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Kr0bar made it to level 20 last weekend! This is particularly nice because I now meet the minimum level requirement for a few rather nice weapons that I've been carrying around in my inventory. Niiiice...

In addition to my primary role of Operative (gunman), I'm now getting some real use out of my secondary specialization of Coder (programmer). This is nifty stuff. A coder is like a crafter in other MMORPGs, and since everything in the Matrix is code (including abilities!), this is a handy skill to have developed. I've gotten to the point where I seldom buy new skills from vendors anymore- I can write 'em myself, save some $info, and get a little experience as well. I've mostly been writing more coder abilities (to give bonuses for coding skills, weapons, clothing, items, etc.), but I've been able to improve my rifle ability as well.

I'm not a fan of PvP. There's no experience gained by it, it only widens the rift between the three organizations, and it's just not nice. However, after pretty much being everyone's bitch since hitting level 16 (when the PvP flag is turned on all the time on "hostile" servers like Enumerator), I'm happy to report my first PvP kill ever last night. Again, normally I don't attack other players, but a fellow Zionist was getting beaten up by two Machinists, and I had to represent. ;-) I took one of them down, the guy I was trying to help got killed anyway, and the remaining Machinist had an edge (I was injured and had been temporarily disarmed), so I left the area and continued about my business. The guy I dropped reconstructed, and I ended up running into the two of them again later. Well now I was outnumbered (we were all the same level), so they made pretty light work of me, with the guy I wasted administering the coup de grace. I can't really complain, though. It was fun.

Last night seemed to be unusually violent, even for the Matrix, but also a lot sillier than normal. I did get ambushed by a couple of level 50's, who thought it would be funny to immobilize me instead of kill me outright. (To put things into perspective, a level 20 character stands little chance against a level 25 character unless he flees. A level 20 against a level 50 is like a bunny rabbit with no legs against a T-1000, and a 20 against 2 50s is just bad comedy.) I can't say that they were wrong, actually. I couldn't flee, and was completely incapable of harming them in any way, so I started flipping them off (there are several emotes for that) and talking trash. The tirade turned into a pretty off-the-wall conversation about polyamory and game time vs having a life.

Then they killed me. Of course. But I continued taunting them good-naturedly for at least another 10 minutes.

Oh, during a later mission I also got ambushed by five honest-to-Neo Agents (level 255!) at once. Can you say "dead before I hit the ground"? Oh yeah.
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