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From the "Captain Obvious" department...

Weekend review: Things that make me happy

* Having sex with femetal.
* Spending 3 days with my Smoosh, and not at work.
* Mad Scientist parties at zensidhe and redheadlass's house, with the interesting costumes and scanty dress that accompany them. Damn, I gots me some fine-lookin' friends!
* redheadlass's smile (oh, and her butt too! ;-) ).
* Spending time with friends & loved ones, with no vomit or trips to the hospital!
* Going to the gun range, expending all of the ammunition I brought, then switching to the bayonet!
* Watching Buckaroo Banzai.
* phyrra's fruit salad.
* Playing Matrix Online, and leveling twice in a single weekend (Kr0bar is now level 19 :-) ).
* Watching Penn & Teller's Bullshit!.
* my_affair's god-awful videos (I *will* have my revenge!).
* Porn.

I'd like to add a "Happy Birthday!" to zensidhe, fangly, kismet76, alias_node, and Keirston. Five birthdays in six days- damn!
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