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All Good Things...

After over 9.5 years, Thursday, June 30th was my last day as an employee of Capital One.

This is weird, 'cuz I've never worked a "real job" for anyone else. In fact, with the exception of the house I grew up in, I've spent more waking hours at Renaissance Park than anywhere else on Earth. I can count on one hand the number of people at the Tampa site who have more seniority than me and probably have fingers left over.

Of course, I'm not done at Renaissance Park. My job was transitioned to an outside company and me with it, so yesterday (Friday) I started my new job doing more or less the same thing with more or less the same people at more or less the same location for a good deal less than more or less the same pay.

So how's life on the other side of the fence, as "contractor scum"? I'll type up my first reactions in another (filtered) post later. For now though, I need to finish cleaning the guns. :-)
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