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"Please remove any metallic items you're carrying"

I'm typing this up on Gir while I'm jacked into the Matrix on Ghidrah. I'm sitting on the floor of the lobby, with my back to the elevator, facing the security checkpoint.

Yes, THAT lobby, THAT elevator, and THAT security checkpoint! One of my faction-mates managed to find it.

It looks like they've done a pretty good job of repairing the place. The pillars are all repaired, and the floor tiles are exactly as they were in the movie. This is the coolest damn thing.

The elevator has been repaired also. The doors won't open up on the floor where Agent Smith interrogated Morpheus, so I took it up to the 80th floor (the top), then took the stairs up to the roof. No helicopter, but looking around I suspect that this is the tallest building in the MatrCRAP I JUST GOT KILLED BY AN AGENT!!!

Oh well. Time to reconstruct. If you're ever in the Park East area downtown, the lobby is at X -674, Y 13, Z 278.

Gonna go find Metacortex after my RSI reconstructs.
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