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Good weekend, and possibly a good week!

Okay, quick (?) rundown:
Fri: Apple Store with zensidhe, phyrra, nihilus, and Steve (do you have an LJ?) to check out the Tiger festivities. Rather unimpressive, though we did score a few free iTMS downloads.
I managed to get C&S lost on the way to Bennigans, so we rushed through dinner, and then off to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Short review: it's a good movie, but not a great one. If you've read the books then you should see it. I liked the BBC TV version better, and of course the books still reign supreme. I wanna be Zaphod when I grow up, but I know I'm actually going to end up being Slartibartfast, but that's okay too. Oh, and the showroom floor on Magrathea is gorgeous. Oh, and you need to stay through the closing credits. :-)

Sat: The soon-to-be-infamous Lingerie LAN party, hosted by nihilus and phyrra. Damn. Best... LAN party... EVAR!!! Normally hotness and geekiness mix like oil and water ('Con notwithstanding), but R&C pulled it off beautifully. It really was the best of all worlds, rolled into a geeky, lusty, ball of joy! If there'd been discussions of nanotech and robots followed by a space elevator panel it would've appealed to every facet of my being- quite a thing. Then back to M&J's for some sex and some blessed, blessed sleep! (for me, anyway)

Sun: Productivity!!! I offloaded pix of the party (need to get them to you, Courtney), paid for my eBay auction (Matrix Online t-shirt! Yay!), bought my ticket for VNV Nation (this Saturday! Yay!), ordered Tiger (Amazon has a nice rebate), updated a task on a little one-shot tech job I took on the side, finally finished d-loading pix from Fantasm, and caught up on e-mail. In fact, I pretty much caught up on everything online-related *EXCEPT* Live Journal! I'm now almost a week and a half behind on reading it- the furthest behind I've been since I got an account. :-( If you've posted something epic and I haven't commented, now you know why. (Oh, and still I need to e-mail some Fantasm pix to Rubberella also.)
Then femetal, zensidhe, and I met up with redheadlass and visited her aunt Betty at the hospice. One would think that visiting with someone who is dying would be a morose or uncomfortable thing. If it was anyone other than her I imagine it would be, but she's just too damn cool and interesting and nice and surprisingly geeky (!) for that! I feel as if I've come into a wonderful story just in time to catch the closing act. On one hand I know that I've missed the best parts, but on the other I'm delighted an honored to have been privy to it at all. Those of you who haven't met her are poorer for it.
Back to M&J's briefly, and then off to Dairy Queen to have ice cream for dinner! (HAH! Take THAT, mommy!!!) We returned to M&J's where someone pulled my batteries for an hour or so, 'cuz I woke up and it was suddenly later. Janet snoozed too, so I guess we all needed a bit of down time. We spent the rest of the evening in low gear together, which was nice. Then, of course, Kim and I had to drive home (blech!)

Today was the first day w/o Unisys on site in almost a week, so the pressure level was much lower. Two good things happened at work today. 1) The thin client problem that's been worrying me is finally garnering the attention it deserves from the people who can actually do something about it. I'm much relieved. 2) I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but I got a call from Unisys today with a couple of questions regarding background checks (no Bass, not in reference to the incident in Nicaragua). I take this as a good sign. :-) On the down side, it appears that the University of Florida supposedly only has a record of my AA. WTF?!? Two degrees, bitches! Count 'em! I'll be photocopying/faxing 'em tomorrow. Pain in the butt.

In Matrix Online news, nihilus has taken the red pill and joined the Acolytes of Zion (the faction I'm in), which is even cooler than I'd expected it would be. Also, as of tonight Kr0bar is level 13. :-)

Off to bed with me now!
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