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Just got off of a phone interview with Unisys (they gave me less than an hour notice). As far as I can tell, it's so far so good. Of course, I'm not even close to out of the woods yet.

Things at work are hectic Hectic HECTIC!!! Tech issues are driving me bugfuck. (Why oh why can't the thin client flashing utility see that yes, Java IS installed on this machine! I've got 25 machines that can't connect to the network until I can flash the damn things!!!) I haven't read LJ in days, and haven't posted in even longer ('till now, 'course). I had my first nightmare about unemployment this morning (ended up getting up early, which should tell you how bad it was!). We squandered most of last night setting up my sister's new PC (gorram it buy a friggin' Mac mini already!!!), only to have her call me today 'cuz she can't get online.

Still, there are little victories. I woke up this morning to find naked femetal cuddling up to me (Mmmmmm...). The upgrades to the shuttle PC (new power supply and video card) Monday night went very smoothly. I should have the memory upgrade tomorrow, so with just a bit o' luck the machine will purr nicely by time phyrra and nihilus' Lingerie LAN Party rolls around. Diet Pepsi Lime is oh-so-delicious. Kr0bar is almost level 11, and I've successfully coded my first items in The Matrix Online (some cheesy hats). Tonight is Game Night, which is always good. My Smoosh loves me (and I them!), and my beloved Gir is running wonderfully-as-usual. Had Evos for lunch and Starbuck's for dessert with a group of cool people, which is always a good thing. I needed a crossover CAT-5 cable today, and had one readily available in Gir's bag (yes, sometimes it pays to be a geek!!!).

H2G2 opens Friday. MacOS X Tiger comes out then also. There's a new trailer out for Serenity. Things may not be so bad after all.

Okay, I'm done de-pressurizing my brain. Back to work with me!
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