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A Quick Outburst-

* I left my phone at work last night, and had to go all the way back to get it. *CURSE!!!*

* We visited my sister to work on her god awful Win ME machine. ME has finally bitten the dust, which means that I'll be spending Thursday evening installing Win 2000 on it. *CURSE!!!*

* She was also having problems with her router. I fixed the problem she was having, but now it's wireless capability seems to have died. Yet another thing to fix or replace. *CURSE!!!*

* Today RoadRunner won't let me access my e-mail, saying that the password that I've been using for the last 8 gorram years is suddenly invalid. *CURSE!!!*

* In all likelihood I'll be unemployed in 89 days. *CURSE!!!*

* I'm 3 days behind on reading Live Journal. *CURSE!!!*

However, I love my Smoosh, my Smoosh loves me, and I just ate some chocolate chip cookies, so it's all okay. :-)
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