Eric (datan0de) wrote,

Cory Booker on love

* When they criticize you, love them for teaching you humility.

* When they heap scorn upon you, love them for helping you discover your resiliency.

* When they doubt you, love them for giving your dreams greater courage.

* When they point our your faults, love them for their accuracy.

* When they wound you, love them for showing you your capacity to forgive.

* When they try to stop you, love them for making your resolve even stronger.

* When they cast you into darkness, love them for helping you discover your inextinguishable light.

* And when you are victorious - despite the pain, sacrifice, critics, and your own imperfections - when your love has achieved the impossible, invite them to stand with you so they too can see that love is invincible.

-Cory Booker
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