January 20th, 2017

Dancing Gir

My President

While I can still say this…

I love my President.  He’s a good, decent, compassionate, thoughtful person, and a brilliant, deep thinker. He’s imminently competent, and fully understands the complexities of the job and the subtleties of domestic and international policy.

He is flawed. There are things he’s failed to do. On more than one occasion he has disappointed me, either through his actions or his lack of action. There are critical issues facing our nation and our world to which I think he’s given far too little attention, and in some cases I believe that that’s helped to bring us to what’s coming. But I’ve never doubted his motivations, his qualifications, or his ability. I understand that, with over 300 million constituents, he cannot please everyone, and he will not always please me, but he’s done a far, far better job than I expected, and his accomplishments in office include things I didn’t think I’d see in my natural lifetime.

I’ve never once thought “I could do a better job” or “I’m smarter than this guy.”

He has brought dignity and respect to his office, and by extension to the United States. I’m so very proud to have voted for him (twice), and to have him represent me to the world. I think that history will look back upon his presidency as an enormous success, and I’m happy to have lived through this time.

Thanks, Obama.

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