May 30th, 2011


(0/3) Memory Dump: Engines of Creation and the Extropians

This is another "why would you be interested in this?" post that I'm doing mostly for my own sake. However, it also serves as back story for what will probably be my next three LJ posts. Read if you like, or skip it with the knowledge that you will not be tested on this material. ;-)

I love when you can look back and trace major events and influences in your life back to trivial, seemingly random events. I met femetal only because I was late turning in my college housing application. I met most of what would become my college social circle only because I happened to be late to Calculus class on one particular day. If I'd moved to Tampa a week later I probably would not have ended up getting the "temp" job that I've now held for the last 15+ years. You get the idea.

I can trace most of my view of the future as well as my general outlook on life back to two events, the first of which was a complete accident.

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