April 29th, 2011


Twitter Solution - Datan0de_Tweets

I've been looking for a solution that'll allow me to archive my tweets (http://twitter.com/datan0de) here, but at the same time not fill up the friends list of anyone who either already follows me on Twitter or otherwise doesn't want to see my out-of-context Twitter outbursts.

The solution I've settled upon is to create a second LJ account just for tweets. It's datan0de_tweets. Feel free to follow or not. I'm not sure that the Twitter/LJ connection actually captures all Twitter activity, but since I know that Twitter doesn't permanently archive it's at least better than nothing. So datan0de_tweets should ideally have one post per day, with the first 10 tweets visible and the rest behind a cut.

Kudos to emanix for the elegant solution!

I'm still not abandoning this LJ! I just had so much life happening lately that I've had no time to properly document it! Not really a bad problem to have. :-)
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