July 23rd, 2010


Happy anniversary, sweetie!

A year ago today, joreth and I decided that our "friends who kiss at parties" experiment had blossomed into an honest-to-goodness "capital R" relationship.

Two years ago I never would've seen it coming. We'd known each other for years, but she'd always been one of the group. I'd been attracted to her, but never given serious consideration to anything ever developing. We'd also, we realized in retrospect, never spent a single moment alone together in the entire time we'd known each other.

The tipping point started when random circumstances conspired to put us together for an afternoon with no obligations and nothing to do but talk- really talk- for the first time. There was also a bit of wrestling with ice cubes. :-)

For me at least that was the start. That afternoon led to much chatting online, a first kiss at zensidhe's birthday party, an experiment at being friends-with-kissing, a pool party with lots of the aforementioned kissing, an 8 hour "first date" that resulted in a lot more than kissing, and the life-threatening decision to make it official.

Now, a year later, after shared experiences, discussions about the biochemistry of human pair bonding, a couple of brushes with death at her hands, lots and lots of sex, joint flame wars, countless car trips between Tampa and Orlando, and a frightening admission of love, she's become an indispensable part of my life and my world. I'm a happier person for it. The NRE has tempered a bit, but I still light up when she enters the room, I still smile at the thought of her, and I still want to eventually see her severed head or lifeless body lowered into a dewar of liquid nitrogen. :-)

It was the most unlikely pairing. I never would have predicted that I'd ever be a part of the Amorphous Squiggle. It so easily could have not happened at all. And I never would have known the rich experiences, joy, lust, shared angst, anger, love, dancing, cons, stellar nucleosynthesis, inexplicably enjoyable country music, and sheer delight that I would've missed out on had it not.

I love you, sweetie. Thank you for making my world a more awesome place (and thank you for not shooting me in the head in my sleep). I'm calling this experiment a resounding success, but only as a preliminary study. I think that much, much more research is needed. :-*

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