December 14th, 2009

Dancing Gir

Dear Buddha, Please Bring Me A Pony And A Plastic Rocket...

I realize it's last minute, and I wasn't planning on posting any kind of wish list at all this year, but since I've been specifically requested to do so here's what I want (or at least where to find it).

1) Last year I made this LJ post requesting that, in lieu of getting me something, people make a donation to Charity: Water. That request stands. On the scale of doing the most good for the most people per dollar spent, I still have yet to find a charitable organization the beats them. A new game for the Wii vs helping our fellow humans obtain a basic necessity of life for decades to come? No comparison.

2) However, if you're gonna buy me sumptin', I have an Amazon wishlist that, while not exhaustive, is up to date.

3) I also have Think Geek wishlist for my more propeller-headed desires.

4) Beyond that (or really, above that), the thing I want most is time spent with friends and loved ones. Seriously. (Preferably naked. ;-) )
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