September 28th, 2009

Zim Sandwich

My diet is not my politics

The ingredients list on my breakfast is 38 words long. 12 of those words are "Organic". The front of the box advertises "NO GMOs" "NO BIOENGINEERED INGREDIENTS".

As a result, I feel just a little bit guilty.

The whole flexitarian thing has worked out smashingly well. I'm eating almost no meat at all, and not missing it a bit. I absolutely love veggie burgers, soy milk, and just about every product that Amy's puts out.

Unfortunately, the food that I like seems to frequently be wrapped up in social/political positions that I oppose. I do not subscribe to the idea that "natural = better". I recognize that mankind has been engineering our crops for millennia, and that genetically modified food is the key to feeding humanity, to say nothing of potentially improving the overall quality of our food. I understand the fallacy of "organic" food. I'm also a big supporter of nuclear power and food irradiation, and think that our world is significantly worse off as a result of the ill-informed political efforts against them.

I place no intrinsic value on something being "natural" or "organic". They are descriptors (and fuzzy ones at that), not value judgments. Neither word means "beneficial". And yet I can't seem to buy the types of food that I enjoy without also supporting this marketing spin to which I am opposed.

If I could find, for example, soy milk that was advertised as "Irradiated with Cobalt-60!" or "Made using transgenic soybeans engineered for better nutrition, higher crop yields in poor soil, and pest resistance!" or even just "Luddite free!" I'd probably drink that brand exclusively. :-) (Okay, that last one gets into fuzzy marketing spin, but you get the idea.)
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