July 31st, 2009

Matrix Smith

The Matrix Unplugged

I started playing The Matrix Online the day it came out, and while it had some limitations, frustrations, and bugs (as did the computer I was running it on) I had some really good times in the game. Eventually I stopped playing and switched (if briefly) to WoW, primarily because it's what everyone I know who was into MMORPGs played. Conversely, I only knew one other person playing MxO (thanks again, nihilus!). Peer pressure won the day, but the reality is that, despite some significant advantages, WoW just never grabbed me like MxO did. The world is compelling (it picks up right where the movies end) and the premise is exactly the sort of thing that I'm into- a secret war taking place in a high tech, urban, cyberpunk environment.

Plus, the clothing was straight up awesome, I could chat on AIM directly from within the Matrix, and the dedicated internet radio station (Radio Free Zion) played great music and covered events in game live. Even if I wasn't playing the game, I was still listening to it.

Despite quitting, I have to admit that I never fully got the game out of my system. As stereotypically geeky as it sounds, I have some fantastic memories of my time in the Matrix, and I always held out a tiny hope that it'd blossom into its full potential. I'd take a peek at the forums from time to time, and even though I knew that the game wasn't doing well I toyed around with the idea of jacking back in as recently as 6 months or so ago.

Alas, it is not to be. It comes as no surprise, but Sony is pulling the plug on The Matrix Online at midnight tonight. So today I'm wearing my MxO shirt as a small tribute (they were given to the game devs- I got mine on eBay), and will be listening to the events leading up to the end on the streaming radio that currently covers the game.
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