July 19th, 2009

Dancing Gir

Datan0de System Status Update

In deliberately pseudo-random order:

* I sprained my left wrist while skating on Sunday. It's not too bad, but I've been wearing a brace on it this week and babying it some. Unfortunately that means that I've been putting off a project at work that involves a fair amount of heavy lifting, so I'll need to make up for it sometime soon.

* I'm still playing the strategy game at ResistOrBeTerminated.com, and it's going quite well! I currently command the largest squadron in the entire game, and we're doing a marvelous job of exterminating humanity!

* Corollary: It's easy to kill most of the humans. It's hard to kill all of the humans!

* Nobody told me that VNV Nation has a new album out! If you are reading this then you have earned 5 Treason Points.

* Corollary: One of the songs' lyrics are taken entirely from Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" This band can do no wrong!

* I've developed a new affection for swimming pools, and it has nothing to do with swimming. It seems like every time I step into one something awesome happens. By "awesome" I of course mean "involving nudity". Have I mentioned that I have the best friends on the planet?

Corollary: Life has become more... interesting... fairly suddenly, and in a very good and unexpected way. Not sure what to call this yet or if/where it's headed, but it involves a lot of making out and that is most definitely NOT a bad thing! It started as a "friends who casually make out" sort of thing, but (in my ignorant and heavily biased opinion) seems to be headed toward something more. Whatever it is, I like it. :-)

Sub-Corollary: I've de-tasked the orbiting Ion Cannon and deleted tacit from the target tracking system, thereby sweeping away the last vestiges of the once epic archnemesistic (just made up that word!) clash between us. I shall miss the assassination attempts and the stashing of hidden caches of ammunition within his own domicile but, as was learned earlier this year at Frolicon, the benefits of cooperation are simply too great to pass up. Oh, and Franklin, I'm e-mailing you the formula for the antidote to the poison that's been slowly accruing in your system over the last few years.

* Three days ago was the 40th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11. I've never known a world where humanity hadn't walked on the moon, but I've spent enough time studying the details of how it was done to be moved to tears by the thought.

* I received an SMS the other day informing me that I'd been "volunteered" to be on "1.5-2"cryonics panels at Dragon*Con. I of course immediately verified my retroactive agreement. :-) Note to self: Find out if tacit and/or Jay Novella are available/interested!

* Must post Six Flags Magic Mountain report and pics!!

That's it for now. I'll leave you all with a conundrum. If the pink rubber monster tentacle worm toy doesn't explicitly state "For External Use Only" on the package, what conclusion can we best draw from this? Please bear in mind that, for the purposes of this exercise, "best" doesn't necessarily equate with "most accurate".
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