July 2nd, 2009

Ninja Burger

Ninja Movie Review: Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Short version: Megan Fox is hot. The bots look cool. Everything else about the movie was total suck. No ninjas.

Long version: Actually, the short version pretty well sums it up. Okay, the girl/robot that wanted to put her tongue down Sam's throat was also hot, but she was basically a T-X wannabe (and when you set T3 as your goal you've already failed). Every character with the exception of the two leads was a cardboard caricature (Sam and what's-her-name weren't caricatures, but were still cardboard). Megan Fox actually looked better in the first one. The portrayal of college is so far afield that it makes Animal House look like a documentary.

No ninjas were utilized or consulted in the making of this movie. I can only imagine that this is a decision on the part of ninjas everywhere to not associate themselves with Michael Bay. Transformers 2 clearly suffers as a result, but I applaud the ninjas for holding fast to their standards.

And dammit, Jetfire is a VF-1S Veritech, not an SR-71! I've got the toy to prove it! :-)

On the plus side, the bots do look great, and the fight choreography was superior to the first film (which I genuinely liked). That's about all I can say.
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Stupid brain!


A malformed HTML tag completely ate half of my last post (the Transformers 2 review). It's corrected now.

I, of course, blame Michael Bay. ;-)
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