April 7th, 2009

Dancing Gir


I look APAR straight in the eye with a cold, steely gaze and sternly proclaim "A ROBOT CAT WOULD NOT PUKE ON THE CARPET!!!" He looks back unconcernedly, purrs, and rubs his face against my leg.

Well played, feline. Touché.
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Gir on the floor

Pre-Vacation Bits

* Tomorrow I officially start my Frolicon vacation. Unofficially, I think my brain started about an hour ago.

* Today I labeled the microwave here in our office with cooking instructions for both a small bag of popcorn and a human head. I wonder if anyone will even notice?

* Incidentally, Orlando is the #7 city in the world for Google searches for "zombies", and #2 for "furry porn". You twisted bastards. :-)

* I'm currently catching up on my video game backlog by finally playing "Hexen II: Portal of Praevus" In the game, you play a demoness seeking to avenge her slain master in a dark medieval fantasy world that's become an icebound hell populated with golems, imps, giant spiders, and evil wizards. So of course the game would also include a blatant, unambiguous (and hilarious) reference to "Welcome Back, Kotter", right? I will never again doubt that game developers can include a reference to anything in any video game!
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