March 7th, 2009


Bringing you the future you deserve!

Well, today's the day!

No, not Watchmen (although we'll be catching that in IMAX in just a few hours and I'm completely psyched). After a week and a half of script wrangling, prop collecting, and detail hammering, we'll be filming the video for Skynet Research today! Inspired by the video clips that you'd see while waiting in line for the Jurassic Park River Adventure or the T2 3-D show at Universal, it'll be an interview for a "Skynet Today"-type PR segment. The idea is to have something that would seem fairly run-of-the-mill if you didn't know that the technology being showcased was going to directly lead to the near-extinction of mankind. It'll be fun.

Did I say fun? I meant tense, at least for me. While I'm proud of the script, memorizing it has been like trying to swallow a brick through my eyes, and unfortunately we only finalized it a couple of days ago. Since it's Terminator related it's obviously kind of a big deal for me (understatement), and I want to make sure that the finished product I send them is our best effort. I'm making progress cramming it into my head. It's just taking longer than I'd hoped.

Wish us luck! I'll post an update afterward.
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