November 12th, 2008

Zim Sandwich

The Baby Eel Update You've All Been Waiting For...

Okay, so now I only have one can of baby eels at my desk. I was unable to convince any of my cow-orkers to share in the wondrous meal, so the joy of baby-eel-itude was mine alone to savor.

Bottom line: Not damn bad! I'd happily eat them again even without the side benefit of freaking out my cow-orker for whom leaving the crusts on his PB&J is "edgy". This is fortuitous, as I still have one can of eels remaining. :-)

The consistency is like pasta cooked slightly al dente. They're surprisingly homogenous, with no real variations in texture or appearance throughout their little eel bodies.

The flavor brought a bit of a surprise. The oil they're packed in contains a hot pepper, so the eels themselves are spicy! Yum! I can honestly say that the worst thing about the whole experience is that I generally don't care for my food to be packed in oil. I was still peckish after I was done, and genuinely considered breaking out the other can.

Oh, they smell like eels. Once again my poor sense of smell proves to be a boon instead of a detriment! I still ate them in my white-bread cow-orker's office anyway, just to be safe. >:-)
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