October 29th, 2008


(Not So) Quick Update - Now With Super Bullet Points!

* I haven't read LJ in about a week, which I regret. However, life has been full of shiny lately, and my ability to resist shiny things is only theoretical, and has never been observed in actual practice.

* The big event of the last week was violet_flames and Stevan's wedding on Clearwater Beach! Everything about it was picture perfect. The weather cooperated perfectly (thanks to slartibart), the beach was gorgeous, the ceremony was both fun and touching, the bride was handsome, the groom was lovely, and a good time was had by all. :-) Additionally, the reception was a blast and had OMG AWESOME food! I must admit that I had reservations about vegan lasagna. My reservations were completely unjustified. It rocked.

* Of course, it would be impossible to have something like a wedding go absolutely perfectly without the cooperation of ninjas, right? Right! This perfect wedding was no exception! I'm not at liberty to discuss the details, but I can now reveal that the four-people-formerly-known-as-the-Smoosh were recruited by The Bride to be her Secret Wedding Ninjas; a role that at least zensidhe and I embraced with ninja-like fanaticism. We served Her will quietly, discreetly, and with utter indifference to the wishes and well-being of any of the other guests or family. Our role was a small one, but it was a special joy to be able to contribute to Lea & Stevan's day.

* Speaking of special joy, have I mentioned before how flat-out, straight-up awesome it is to have friends send me nekkid pics of themselves? I'm clearly doing something right in my life. I won't reveal the name of the "guilty" party here (you obviously know who you are!), but the pix were an absolute delight that completely made my day! I'm flattered and very, very happy. Oh, and it bears repeating: blue hair is hot (and so are the pix)! 8-)

* On a completely different but still awesome note, we're dog sitting! trogdor_the_dog is staying at our place until M&J get back from their vacation tomorrow. Kim and I love having the Dog Monster around! Sadly, APAR doesn't share our enthusiasm for our house guest, but after a brief tiff Monday morning things have been surprisingly peaceful.

* Our new bathroom, which was officially completed last week, still needs work. The faucet under Kim's sink leaks. WTF? We paid gobs of money for a professional job. You'd think that the workers wouldn't need constant supervision and that they'd get basic things like "leaky pipes are bad" right the first time, right? It would appear not. I suspect it's time to break out the blowtorch again (and not to do repairs!)...

* Did you know that glow in the dark materials rely on quantum phenomena for their functioning? I didn't until just a couple of days ago. It makes sense of course, but I'd never really given it any thought. Yay science!

* Not speaking of science, I've been saving all of the pro-McCain fliers I've been getting in the mail from the Republican party for the last few weeks, partially because it'll be interesting memorabilia after he loses the election, but mostly because I think it's example after example of propaganda done wrong. Each flier is single-issue, which from an advertising/marketing standpoint is a good idea. Unfortunately, it shows the hollowness of the Republicans' campaign that the differentiating points they promote about their candidate are ones where their arguments are weak at best and are also are little more than sidebar issues in this election. I mean really, is it so important that I know that John McCain is a strong supporter of Israel that you sent me two different fliers about it? How about convincing me that you're a strong supporter (or even a moderate supporter) of me? I certainly have no beef with Israel, but when the message I'm getting from a prospective President is that they subscribe to the fundamentalist Christian belief that the US has a God-given mandate to support Israel so that it can fulfill its role in some upcoming Armageddon then I begin to suspect that our priorities are not in alignment.

Frankly, the propaganda insults my intelligence. It's nothing more than scare-mongering and unsubstantiated assertions about Barak Obama. It'd be funny if it didn't also imply the belief that I'm likely to be swayed by such transparent emotional appeals. Thanks guys. I appreciate the reminder of why I'm a former Republican.

* To my surprise, last night I did actually receive a piece of anti-Obama mail that I found somewhat compelling. It laid out his position on taxation of guns and ammunition and backed it up with quotes and specifics from his Senate voting record. My first thought was "Wow! It's a niche issue, but they're finally not treating voters like frightened children!" Then I flipped the ad over and realized that it wasn't from the Republican Party. It was from a sport shooters' advocacy group.

* I don't want to turn this into a lengthy rant, but to be clear and up front, I'm not planning on voting for either McCain or Obama. I'll be writing in Ron Paul. However, please don't for a moment think that since I'm not voting for either of the two major candidates that I hold them in similar regard. Nothing could be further from the truth. Both candidates have platform positions that I can't in good conscience endorse with my vote, and I don't think that either of them is truly willing to do what it'll take to resolve the fiscal mess that the country is in, but that's where the similarity ends. I started out this campaign with a fairly low opinion of John McCain, and that opinion has done nothing but plummet since then. I disagree with him on just about every issue, and I think that a McCain/Palin win would be an utter disaster across the board. Conversely, I also started out the campaign with a fairly low opinion of Barak Obama, but time and again I've been impressed by him. I very much like and respect him as a person, and despite my opposition to some of his platform points I think he just might be able to turn things around for the country, both from a domestic/economic perspective and with regard to our position and standing with the rest of the world. We could do better, but dear Gawd the alternative is so much worse! As I mentioned to aclaro, I may not be voting for him but I'll be cheering alongside his supporters when he wins.
EDIT: Okay, change of plan. Thanks primarily to aclaro's comments in this thread, and the discussions and research it sparked, I'll be voting for Obama after all. I still have deep misgivings regarding his economic policies, and disagree with him on some other points, but in a field of poor candidates he seems to be the "least bad".

* One last political comment, regarding the whole Acorn hubbub:

* Super short Max Payne review: If you played the video game and really liked it (like I did) then it's probably worth seeing. There are a lot of ties back into the game that were pretty cool, and the title character clearly has the same "bullet time" capability from the game. :-) If you haven't played the game or if it didn't particularly impress you, don't bother. The movie doesn't really stand on its own.

* My dreams lately have been exceedingly strange. Last night I had a fun dream about zombies (actually more like The Forsaken in WoW). The night before I had a dream that involved, among other things, zensidhe, a time machine, and William Shatner trying to punch me in the nuts. All in the same dream. Yes, really.
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