October 21st, 2008

Dancing Gir

Brain Dump: Silliness, Shirts, Space Elevators, and Sundry

To my amazement, someone made a movie about my life in high school. Stranger still, it's in Japanese, and it's called "Rolling Bomber Special".

Okay, they took just a bit of creative liberty, but I think it captures the essence of the experience pretty accurately. I checked with Z, one of my best friends from high school, and he completely agrees. :-)

With a tip of the hat to Michael Laine, "The Space Elevator Guy", here's a short Discovery Channel article about space elevators, why we need them, and why we're closer to being able to build one than most people suspect.

Also from Mr. Laine, Sky Fire Lab has a short but cool set of space-related t-shirts for sale. femetal, between the Laika shirt and the pinup rocket girl shirts I immediately thought of you. (The Laika shirt is available in gray, BTW.)

Construction on the master bathroom is still proceeding, and it's finally starting to look like things are coming together. As I may have mentioned in an earlier post, Kim and I want to maintain a presence while they're in the house to answer any questions they have and to make sure the job is being done as we requested. So Kim has been getting up super early and going in to work early so she can be home by around 3 and take the afternoon shift. I've been getting up super early as well and taking a half-day of vacation each day, covering the morning and afternoon and then going in to work when Kim gets home. It's given me an opportunity to start to get caught up on non-work stuff (mostly on Gir), but it certainly hasn't felt anything like vacation, and having to be up at 5 has been really rough on both of us. As a result, however, the bathroom is going to kick ass, and after some initial complaints we're very happy with how things are coming along.

Last weekend was much fun. fritzcat66 had a dive trip in town on Saturday and crashed at our place Saturday night. The three of us went to Busch Gardens on Sunday (hooray for season passes!) to ride roller coasters, then went to the PolyTampa meeting at Sacred Grounds. The meeting turnout was amazing, with both new faces and old friends we haven't seen in years. With it being the last meeting before the election there was plenty to talk about!

Here's a bit of awesome fandom news: Fox has picked up "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" for the rest of the complete season!! Given the strength of the last episode (I haven't watched last night's ep yet) this is particularly good news. If they can manage to maintain the quality of the last couple of episodes then the rest of the season will be a real joy to watch!

Speaking of joy, Gir is finally getting a much-needed upgrade! I've ordered a 250 GB hard drive to replace his current 160 GB drive. As of this moment I have less than a gig free, so this is coming not a moment too soon!

Maybe I'm getting crotchety and calcified in my not-even-close-to-old-age, but I'm finding that discussions with my family that even begin to touch on topics relating to politics, science, or skepticism are beginning to piss me off. This is going to make Thanksgiving interesting. I can probably discuss politics with my sister and any science not relating to medicine with my dad, but if I stray into any of the other aforementioned topics then somebody's head is going to end up stuffed in the turkey. Strangely, I probably disagree most with my mom's general beliefs and attitudes, but we can entertain each other for hours talking about random silliness so there probably won't be any major problems there. Regardless, I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone - especially our nephews.

I've just been informed that our walls aren't completely straight. (I guess they're bi?) We already knew this, but I get the feeling that they were pointing it out to me so that Kim doesn't paint the walls with their entrails when she gets home. She does that sometimes.

One last thing! A couple of better photos of the steampunk rocketeer costume and our "Aetheric Explorers" group are available here and here. I'm linking rather than embedding to save your f-list.

Off to go play some Half-Life!
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