August 10th, 2008

Gir on the floor

Not my proudest moment...

...but definitely a great time! femetal and I joined dayo yesterday for the "Goths On Ice" skating event being held as part of Convergence 14.

Despite growing up in the frozen tundra of Central New York, I never learned to ice skate. As a result, I spent the afternoon flailing about like a drunk having an epileptic seizure. Of course, a photographer from the Tampa Bay Times was there to catch the fun:
Steph, me, and Kim

I did get better as time went on, but really it was only by the grace of dayo and femetal that I didn't fall. (Thanks to you both for literally saving my butt!) It was a lot of fun though, and I'd probably do it again. At one point Kim and I were skating face-to-face, holding hands. It's probably unspeakably cute except for the terrified look that's likely on my face, and I hope it ends up in the paper on Monday. We'll see. In the meantime, I sent a link to the above photo to my family so they can see that yes, every once in a while we do actually enjoy "wholesome" family-friendly activities! ;-)
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