August 8th, 2008

Dancing Gir

I got a great deal on surplus bullet points, so here's a super-sized update!

* Kathye, femetal's mom, gave us the tragic but not surprising news that her cancer has returned. It's also metastatic, which makes the already dim prognosis even gloomier. they've started her on a new drug called Doxil which seems like pretty advanced stuff, but if that doesn't do something miraculous the expectation is that she has between 6 months and a year. I don't need to tell you all how much this completely sucks.

* Note to self: the next version of Homo Sapiens needs a better checksum mechanism for DNA replication. Seriously. Mutation may be the fuel of evolution, but in an age of genetic engineering we're (hopefully) not far from replacing evolution with, uh, intelligent design (quote that out of context and I'll kill you!), and so I think that at this point the down side of mutation outweighs the evolutionary benefit.

* At The Company they've got a thing going where if you donate 30 bucks to breast cancer research you can be casual all month (as in t-shirts and shorts). This is 'win' all around!

* I had a large team move at work this week, which meant that on Wednesday I was at work until around 2 am, and had to be back in a 7 am the following morning to complete the job. Suckage. On the plus side, the rest of the week has been fairly slack and the move itself went startlingly smoothly, which meant no stress beyond the funky schedule. As a once-in-a-great-while thing I don't really mind doing the late night gig, especially when I can leave early the following day.

* I am hopelessly addicted to soy milk. Really, is there anything that soy *can't* do??

* Holy frijoles I miss teh groop seks! :-(

* However, after 18 years together femetal and I are still finding new sexual territory to explore. It rocks! She rocks!

* Wanna make yourself mad, and at the same time destroy your faith in humanity? Put a piece of rope in your mouth to bite down on and then google "digital homeopathy". Oh yeah. People really are that stupid.

* I have a new cell phone!! It's a Motorola RAZR V6 Maxx, and so far I love it. It looks good, has all of the functionality that I'm looking for and then some, is durable, and fits easily into my pocket. My only complaint is that some of the connectivity with Gir (iSync, Address Book, and BT cell modem) doesn't want to play, but after successfully testing this all with Cupcake (Kim's iBook) I'm pretty sure that the the problems will be resolved once I upgrade Gir to Leopard.

* I found out that Western Digital makes a 250 GB hard drive that I can shoehorn into Gir. He's currently running with a 160 GB drive and is cramped for space. That extra ~90 GB would be awfully nice...

* I want the missing piece of our new entertainment center to arrive, gorramit! It's the base piece so it can't be built without it, which means that the "new" TV sits on the living room floor and the DVD player, Wii, and PS2 are stuck in the front room until it arrives. That means not really enough space to play Guitar Hero with Kim, and definitely not enough space to play DDR!

* Never enough time, pt. 1: As bad as I've been about posting to LJ, I've been at least as bad about reading it. It's frustrating- for x quantity of time there's always 3x amount of stuff to get done, even after cutting out video games. Gah!

* Never enough time, pt. 2: As bad as I am about LJ, I'm much worse about OKCupid. It's a great site and I love the way it's set up, but lately I haven't had time to even check my messages there, let alone check out profiles and reply. Hmmmm... This will likely lead to a post on its own...

* Never enough time, pt. 3: The house cleaning seems to be slowing down. This is a Bad Thing. Granted, much of it is still stuff that depends on other things happening first (like the entertainment center), but I really need to somehow find the time to do more of the independent stuff, like cleaning the bathroom and making the Robot Lab into an operational workbench instead of just a place to stack stuff.

* Never enough time, pt. 4: My Ajax record has been beaten. This will not be permitted to stand, but right now it's sooooo far down the priority list! Ditto getting the record for T2 on an actual machine.

* Never enough time, pt. 5: Dragon*Con is in just a few weeks, and I've barely given any thought to con prep. I've contemplated "taking the year off" and not bleaching my hair or donning the cyberpunk costume, but I suspect that it wouldn't really feel like 'con if my head didn't feel like it was burning. :-)

* Never enough time, pt. 6: OMG browser tabs!! The deadly combination of the internet being full of interesting stuff and me having the attention span of a gnat results in me having an absurd number of browser tabs open at any given time. This is a real impediment to system performance, software updates, and my plan to upgrade to 10.5. My personal well-being is a little more closely intertwined with Gir's functioning than it probably ought to be, but having 3.8 GB of page files just for Safari can't be a good thing!
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Poly Bird

Poly in Principle

This kind of follows on the "never enough time" theme in the last post. Kim and I have now been "single" for almost year and a half. We're still most definitely poly, but after 15 or so months I'm having a hard time remembering how we've managed to make time to sustain poly relationships in the past. Actually, a quick look at the not-quite-as-bad-anymore disaster that is our house pretty well explains where the tradeoff was made. Yikes!

I'm interested in us meeting new people and exploring new relationships, but at the moment I'm not sure that I have the time to do it right, and I definitely don't want to do it half way. It seems like I'd either be cheating a prospective new partner of the time they deserve, cheating Kim of our already too short together time, or cheating myself of the time that I've recently realized I need to keep from bogging myself down with personal "to-do's".

Bit by bit though, things are getting better. Items are getting checked off of the list, progress is being made on both the house and Gir, work has become more sane, and life in general seems to be starting to slowly defrag.

I had more to say on the subject, specifically relating to wanting to be a complete whore poly dating, but somewhere during dinner the whole train of thought fell out of my head. :-( Need more defrag!
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