July 24th, 2008


Getting Serious

I've been dropping the ball lately. Quite a bit, actually. I'm perpetually behind on e-mail. My LJ reading has been cursory and intermittent the last month or so. I haven't logged into OKCupid in who knows how long, even though I have messages waiting for me (note to self- the single most important component of participating in an online dating site is participating, bonehead!). I'm not working on cleaning the house as much as I really need to if it's going to be presentable by the dates Kim has set for the "come see our house!" parties. I haven't been getting out of work as close to on-time as I'd like (and Kim deserves). My New Year's resolution to do some form of exercise every day has winnowed down to using my little hand exerciser in the car and occasionally doing push-ups in the morning. My other resolution to eat only healthy food has turned into a general tendency to mostly eat healthy food (which, actually, I can kind of live with).

So I'm hereby putting myself on notice. I know that I can't fix everything overnight, but I need to make a concerted effort to move strongly in the direction of improvement. Thanks to the_xtina, I had at least part of the physical exercise solution drop in my lap yesterday- hundredpushups.com. I'm going to talk about that a bit here.

My goal is, of course, to be an uber-sekseh, schwarzeneggerian industrial/cyborg guy- preferably by Dragon*Con. Realistic goals are not my forte. ;-) I like doing push-ups (by which I mean "they suck and I hate them, but I can do them and I like the results"), but even when I'm doing them regularly I seem to hit a wall in how many I can do at once (about 40 at most when using the pushup bars). Then I get discouraged by the lack of progress and stop being a diligent about it, and then I start regressing. Suck. The exercise regimen on the hundredpushups web site states that if followed you can do 100 push-ups in a single set in as little as 6 weeks. Sign me up for some masochism!

Interestingly, the regimen doesn't involve doing push-ups every day. In fact, it's only 3 days each week, preferably Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (leaving me the other days to do sit-ups or play DDR!). You end up doing a lot more push-ups on "workout days", though. I checked the calendar and found that unfortunately Dragon*Con is in 5 1/2 weeks (this was on Wednesday), meaning I should have done the second workout that morning. Rather than wait until next Monday to start I said "screw it", went into the nicely air conditioned comm room (I was at work), and did the Day 2 routine right then and there. Followed by the Day 1 routine. I felt like a hammered turd afterward, and I was all sweaty despite the A/C (yuck!), but at least I'm off to some kind of start.

This morning I played DDR for about 45 minutes. It had been a while, and I'd missed it! Also, my chest is sore today, but in the good way. Tomorrow (Friday) morning I'll do the Day 3 push-ups and should be on track. Going forward I'll use the push-up bars, which are better for your wrists but which make the push-ups harder. Should make things more... interesting. :-/

We'll see how it goes!
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