June 20th, 2008



One month ago today I became the happy owner of a Terminator 2: Judgment Day arcade machine. It's now in the front room of our fortress of doom house, and while I'd intended to write a lengthy report about the machine itself, work we've done on it, the game play, and how I'm progressing on my quest to secure the world record in the game, I unfortunately don't have time for a full length geek report tonight so I'll simply give a sappy, gushy reaction after having had a month to grow accustomed to it.

I love it. I love it. I can't help but smile at least a little bit every time I walk by it, even now. I play it in the morning before work, and frequently in the evening as well. I came home from work one evening and the house sounded like a battlefield- Kim was playing the game and unleashing carnage upon endoskeleton and human alike. At that moment any question I had about whether the machine was a worthwhile expense or not vanished. :-)

There's a gorram arcade machine in my house! I still haven't gotten over the fact. Plus, the game is a hell of a lot of fun. MAME does a splendid job of duplicating the game, but it doesn't duplicate the experience of playing it on the actual machine. I've played it every single day except for last Tuesday (see earlier post about Stan Winston) and haven't tired of it. (As a side note, the first game I played after leaving it off for a day I crushed the world record by more than triple, though of course I wasn't taping it so it's not "official".) Sometimes I'll play both guns simultaneously just 'cuz for the hell of it. Not an effective strategy, but much fun! :-)

And because I know what you all really want to see, here's a pic of femetal playing the game completely naked!

Pretty hot, eh? ;-) Okay, I'll stop geeking out now.
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