June 12th, 2008


The End Is Very, Very Nigh!!

Well guys, it's been one hell of a good time but I'm afraid the world is going to end in a nuclear holocaust very soon.

Did I say soon? I meant today! Yup, it's true! As predicted by Buffalo BillYisrayl Hawkins of the House of Yahweh cult religion, the world will be destroyed in a nuclear apocalypse on September 12, 2006 June 12, 2007 June 12, 2008!

Video (of the prediction, not the apocalypse) available here!

This was revealed to Buffalo BillYisrayl through a coded message in the Bible, so it must be true! ;-) Well, if the world doesn't end today then there's always the December 21, 2012 doomsday prediction, right?

*headdesk* There's a pattern here, folks. All it takes to see through this bullshit is a little critical thinking. So why does that always seem to be in such short supply?
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    It's The End of The World as We Know It-R.E.M.