June 11th, 2008

Dancing Gir


I have a cabinet unit in my cube at work. It has two drawers on the bottom and a large 2-door section on top with a total of three shelves. I keep a lot of stuff in it, from paperwork to spare tech parts to tools. The top shelf primarily has food- little cups of apple sauce, some candy, various snacks, and a constant supply of the boxed microwave Indian meals that are my standard lunch (Patel's and Tasty Bite), as well as paper bowls and plastic spoons.

This morning I did a little bit of re-stocking, including adding a couple of microwave meals to the back of the inventory. As I put one of the boxed meals in the back it vanished with a sound not unlike that of a boxed meal falling down the back of the cabinet.

I looked on the next shelf down. No boxed meal.

I looked on the bottom shelf. No boxed meal.

I knew that the drawers didn't extend all the way to the back of the cabinet, so I pulled the bottom drawer out as far as it would go, got a flashlight, and peaked into the Hidden World Beneath The Bottom Drawer. I was dazzled by what I saw, and immediately set about the perilous task of recovering my find. 20 minutes and 2 close calls with arm amputation later, I sat back victorious and took stock of my booty:

* A total of 3 boxed meals, only one of which was beyond its expiration date!
* A huge packet of photographs of Paris, France. I'd guess they were taken sometime in 2000.
* A plastic dog

I have no idea who took the photos. They're all of the architecture and scenery, and none have people as the subject. There are a few nice pics of gargoyle statues. :-) There are also a couple of shots of The Company's facility there, which IIRC is no longer in operation.

The food will be dealt with in the customary manner, depending on its condition. The dog now has a new home on top of my 2nd monitor.

And to think they pay me to be here too!!!
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Mac Fanboy

Uptime 83:12:02

Mostly as a note to myself, but also perhaps to show off just a bit, as of right now Gir's uptime is 83 days, 12 hours, and 2 minutes. Not damn bad for a laptop that gets abusedfunctions as my primary computer! I'm going to reboot him now and then run Software Update.

I <3 my PowerBook!
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