June 10th, 2008


Okay, call me naive...

...but any respect I may have had for mainstream news media is gone. Yesterday Dennis Kucinich introduced 35 articles of impeachment against President Bush in the House of Representatives. Today, CNN has a story about Jessica Alba's new baby, MSNBC's headline article is about Hillary Clinton's residual financial woes resulting from her unsuccessful presidential bid, and Fox has a story about some Disney child star pledging to abstain from sex until marriage, a video that "takes you inside the far-left media fiesta", and a story about global climate change under the heading "Junk Science".

Okay, I'm cynical enough to know that the impeachment isn't likely to actually go anywhere, but WTF? I only knew about this because zensidhe read about it on Fark and pointed me to the live C-SPAN coverage.

The Right's favorite buzz term seems to be "the liberal media". The Left claims that the media is in the pocket of conservative corporate interests. I think that the reality is that the news media just sucks. It's bipartisan suckitude.

As a mostly-unrelated aside, every time I see a "news" headline that includes the words "scientists baffled" my trigger finger itches.

Oh well. I guess I'll go read "8 Signs Your Partner Is Addicted To Porn". It's front page news, after all! >:-(
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Circuit Eye

Cyber Arm!

Dean Kamen, the guy who invented the Segway, has developed a prosthetic arm that's freaking astounding! I'd read a brief summary of an article about it, but didn't realize just how sophisticated it is until I saw video.

There's an article along with another video here.

The government is a sham, the media is a joke, and we're making breakthroughs in cybernetics. Who says that Cyberpunk wasn't prophetic?
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