May 5th, 2008

Dancing Gir

How do I sum up?

Gah! Life is happening faster than the speed of blogging! The last few weeks have included glorious victory, crushing defeat, death (yes, for real), parties, sex, the breaking of multiple world records (yes, for real), and a Terminator 2 arcade machine that will shortly be on its way to our house.

Clearly I have lost the ability to journal as fast as life demands. I don't know if I should be complaining about this or counting my blessings, so I'll do both.

Gah! Live is such an adventure!!
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Oh, and it was brought to my attention through a meme that's going around that I've seen roughly half of my friends list naked, but only had sex with a tiny percentage of you.

Kudos to you all on the nudity. Now start puttin' out! ;-)

*falls out of chair*
*keeps giggling*
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