January 29th, 2008

HL Gordon College

This userpic has never been so appropriate.

There's a call-in radio program called Coast To Coast AM whose host delves head first into credulity, conspiracy theories, and pseudoscientific woo woo.

On January 19th he got punk'd. He took a call from a man calling himself Gordon, a theoretical physicist who works at a secret research facility. "Gordon" is concerned that he's being stalked by a mysterious government official whom he frequently sees but can never get close to. He mentions that he'd asked the administrator of the facility about him but got no satisfactory answer, and that the only other person who will acknowledge this mystery man is one of the security guards.

George Noory, the show's host, inquires as to whether they're working on anything that this "G-Man" might be trying to steal. The caller admits that they're working on an exotic portal technology that could allow transportation through other worlds, but is reluctant to divulge any further details because they are in fierce competition with another research organization.

In other words, the caller was exactly describing the plot of the classic video game Half-Life, and Noory ate it up without a moment of skepticism. Listen to the call here.

The credulity! It burns!!
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