December 26th, 2007


A happy birthday and a brief turn on the soap box...

Damn fine birthday. Damn fine Christmas. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas/Yule/Hannukah/Kwanza/Saturnalia/Tuesday!

Short rundown: Christmas Eve involved an experimental food adventure! We got together with some friends that we normally only see at 'Con and had dinner at Queen of Sheba, an Ethiopian restaurant that's so new that it hasn't had its official grand opening yet. The food was yummy and quite exotic. I'd never had Ethiopian cuisine before, but I'll happily do so again! Good times. We went home and, being the selfish materialist that I am, I opened birthday presents a day early. :-) Yay, stuff!

Yesterday started with Christmas sex, followed by opening gifts (why can't every day start like that??). Kim and I then spent the afternoon/evening at Busch Gardens (where we ran into the ever-so-effervescent indigofae). We ended up getting annual passes, since going once more in the next year is the break-even point and we're planning on going on New Year's Eve anyway.

After the park closed we had dinner at Java, a Mediterranean place that just opened (another place that hasn't had their grand opening yet) down the street from Busch Gardens. Any ability I had to objectively critique the meal was swept away by the presence of hummus. I would do wrongness for hummus. The rest of the meal, excellent though it was, faded into the background before the Paste of Love. :-) Then we went home and chilled out.

One neat thing that I noticed that makes me particularly happy: everyone with whom I've been romantically involved (short list, but still...) since Kim and I got married contacted me to wish me happy birthday. What a wonderful feeling! I was positively oozing with warmfuzzies (or is that hummus?)! I take it as a sign that I'm doing at least one thing right. Life's too short to make enemies, especially of such awesome folk. I'm a lucky dude. :-)

Okay, I wasn't originally going to post this second part, but an e-mail message I got from zensidhe convinced me to go ahead and do so against my better judgment. However, it's likely to offend some, so if you'd rather not read a religious rant, go ahead and skip the cut.

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