August 29th, 2007

South Park

Quick Pre-Con Anecdote

We're planning to leave for Dragon*Con later tonight, so of course all is chaos and hurry. Before I forget though, I want to share a quick funny thing that happened today.

femetal and I were at the army surplus store picking up odds and ends for con. There were three other customers there at the same time- two guys who were together and a girl. The manager was very outgoing, so there was a fair amount of chatting going on. So guess how many of the customers were there doing pre-Dragon*Con shopping?

All of us. We were all amused. The store manager was baffled and very curious. :-)

Soon! Soon!!! My next post will likely be from con-space! *bounces off to bleach hair one last time*
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Another minor coincidence...

Happy Judgment Day, all! I just realized that it's August 29th- exactly 10 years after the nuclear war according to Terminator 2. Coincidentally, I watched T2 this afternoon. :-)
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